Sangs tae Eimhir — Derrick McClure

Sangs tae Eimhir

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Here we hae a byordinar buik.  Derrick McClure hes owersetten Sorley MacLean’s Dàin do Eimhir intae Scots wi rowth o poust an perjinkity.  This buik wull be a fair delyte tae fowk aa ower the warld at reads an speaks the Scots an Gaelic tungs, whaur thay wull see the twa auld leids o Scotland an nane forbye, cleekit thegither atweesh the ae pair o brods.  It bude tae be on aabody’s buik-bink.

This is an unusual book. Derrick McClure, with his usual robust and accomplished style provides Scots versions of Sorley MacLean’s Dàin do Eimhir.  The book will be a source of delight to readers and speakers of the Scots and Gaelic languages worldwide, wherein they can exclusively view Scots and Gaelic, the two languages of the country, side by side in a single volume. It is a must for all public and private bookshelves.

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