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An Coileach Cadalach - Nuala Nic Con Iomaire Donough O'Malley

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An Coileach Cadalach image
An Coileach Cadalach image
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Price: £5.95
Author: Nuala Nic Con Iomaire Donough O'Malley
ISBN: 9780861523696
Sandy is a good cockerel. But, there 's one thing wrong with him - he's not very good at getting up in the morning! The farmer isn't very happy with him – what's the point in having a cockerel when it's the dog that wakes everyone up? Poor Sandy tries his very best – but he always fails. This all changes one day though when an unexpected visitor comes to the farm... Both old and young will enjoy this lively story about a sleepy cockerel and an energetic dog. The fantastically colourful illustrations work well with the story and will pull you in without you even noticing.

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