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Còisir nan Gunna - Anndra Dunn

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Còisir nan Gunna image
Còisir nan Gunna image
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Price: £9.99
Author: Anndra Dunn
ISBN: 9780861525416
Is e 1940 a th'ann, agus tha an cogadh ann an Eòrpa a' dol gu làidir. Feumaidh Breatainn agus an Fhraing seasamh an aghaidh a' Ghearmailt. Uill, sin a shaoil Uilleam MacLeòid nuair a chaidh e don arm, co-dhiù. Anns an Fhraing chan eil càil a' tachairt agus chan eil ann an cogadh Uilleam ach sàirdseantan fiadhaich, bully beef a-mach a tionaichean, a' seasamh faire ann an trainnse airson uairean-a-thìde fada agus sabaid ghoirid gheur bho àm gu àm...

It's 1940, and with Britain and France joining forces to fight Hitler 's invasions, the war in Europe is raging. Well, that's what William Macleod thought when he joined the army anyway. In France, nothing much happens, and William's war is just angry sergeants, tins of bully beef and long hours standing in the trenches with occasional short bursts of fighting. This was not what he expected from war but maybe he'll get used to it; if it wasn't for Germany planning a major blitzkrieg that France and Britain aren't prepared for, that will take William and his friends down the horrific road that ends in a little village on the coast of France: Saint Valéry-en-Caux.

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Anndra Dunn
Thinks its funny to mock plane crashes.
15/06/2020 12:05:57

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