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Sly Cooking - 42 Irresistible Gaelic Words - Catriona Black

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Sly Cooking - 42 Irresistible Gaelic Words image
Sly Cooking - 42 Irresistible Gaelic Words image
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Price: £5.95
Author: Catriona Black
ISBN: 9780861524464

Ever needed a word for the little bits of dust you see in a ray of sunlight? For squeezing a big thing into a small hole? For the noise made by women when they get together? This book revives 42 weird and wonderful Gaelic words collected by 19th century priest, poet and folklorist, Fr Allan, in South Uist and Eriskay.

Artist Catrìona NicilleDhuibh breathes new life into this quirky selection with a vivid, hand-printed linocut illustration for every word. Whether you’re a fluent Gaelic speaker, a learner or just a curious visitor, Sly Cooking is guaranteed to expand your horizons with irresistible words you never knew you needed until now.

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