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Nàdar De - Peter Mackay

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Nàdar De image
Nàdar De image
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Price: £12.00
Author: Peter Mackay
ISBN: 9781789070460
Longlisted for the Highland Book Prize 2020

Nàdar de smachd. De dh'iongantas. De mhìorbhail. 'S e leabhar bàrdachd a tha seo a tha a' putadh air crìochan 'òrdugh nàdarra chùisean', agus a' sgrùdadh mar a bhios sinn a' cur an cèill eòlais, cumhachd, cuimhne agus fealla-dhà ann am faclan a tha tìmeil agus sgeunach, faclan a tha a' teicheadh o smachd duine sam bith. 'S dòcha gur e leabhar poileatagach a th'ann, ach teans gu bheil e ro aosta mu thrath; 's dòcha gur e nàdar de rabhadh a th'ann, ach 's beag a tha dh'fhios air dè.
These poems probe the 'natural order of things', and what it means to explore knowledge, power, memory and play, in words that are time-charged and skittish, words that jib at being claimed by anyone. It's probably a political book, but is almost certainly out-of-date; it's probably some kind of warning, but without a clear sense about what.
"Peter Mackay's is one of the brightest and most provocative minds in the world of Gaelic literature today"- Kevin MacNeil
"am bàrd òg Gàidhlig as fheàrr a th' againn an-diugh... oighre Iain Mhic a' Ghobhainn"- The Scotsman [Raghnall Mac Ille Dhuibh]

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