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Sangs tae Eimhir - Derrick McClure

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Sangs tae Eimhir image
Sangs tae Eimhir image
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Price: £11.99
Author: Derrick McClure
ISBN: 9780861523979
Here we hae a byordinar buik. Derrick McClure hes owersetten Sorley MacLean’s Dàn do Eimhir intae Scots wi rowth o poust an perjinkity. This buik wull be a fair delyte tae fowk aa ower the warld at reads an speaks the Scots an Gaelic tungs, whaur thay wull see the twa auld leids o Scotland an nane forbye, cleekit thegither atweesh the ae pair o brods. It bude tae be on aabody’s buik-bink.

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